About Us

Adored for flattering every kids desires and adults capriccios, Panellinios Agora is reborn again via.... Panellinios Agora Games PC which is the entrepreneurial ''child'' of the historic homonym Enterprise, the first Mega Multi Department Store in Greece, established in 1892.

The Rising Enterprise

Very fortunate indeed, the generation of 1890's-1900's! Athens was an idyllic little state. The streets were unpaved, dusty and full of mud, according to the period. Seldom, electric lights made their appearance themselves..... read more

Our Vision

Enhancing our bicentennial history by the force of business concept innovations.
Our family key-thought has always been : ''What is not different is not strategic''


Our business mission at Panellinios Agora Games would be : Taking our human centered approach closer to a ''total solution'' to our consumers ' sport and fashion needs and demands and stretch further to longer term revolutionary ventures.

Business Organization

Our management team comprises of fifteen high spirited professionals with appropriate qualifications and solid experience, who focus on teamwork, speed, unparallel service and precision ensuring that compromise is not an option for them.

Financial data